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What is the Term Life Cover?

This insurance product offers compensation to the beneficiaries of the insured in the event of the death of the policyholder during a specified period of time.
What's in it for you?
  • Life protection cover between NGN500,000 to NGN200,000,000.
  • All accidental death cover starts upon the receipt of the first premium.
  • Non-accidental death cover: This starts at the end of the risk waiting period for premiums worth NGN10,000,000 and below while for premiums above NGN10,000,000 the non-accidental death cover will start upon the confirmation of the first full premium.
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How do I apply?

You can visit any of our branches or get a quote and then request a call back below. One of our financial advisors will contact you and guide you through the application process.

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Need help deciding on the best insurance product to take up? Our representatives will offer insight on which product fits your needs.

Here is what you need to know about the Term Life cover:

    The minimum entry age is 18 while the maximum entry age is 70. The cover expires when the person reaches the age of 75.

    The policy term lasts between 1 to 20 years.

    Premiums are paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and they are dependent on the age, gender, and health of the insured person.

    • No medical requirement is necessary for a cover of NGN10,000,000 and below except the completion of a medical questionnaire. However, for covers above NGN10,000,000, the insured person is required to complete a medical questionnaire and undergo a medical test.
    • You may choose to increase both your premiums and cover amount with a scheduled annual escalation of 10% on each policy anniversary until the end of your policy term.
    • You may choose to receive 20% of your premiums back at the end of the term if there is no claim and the policy is still in force.

    Our policy does not cover death by suicide.

    This policy only covers one individual.

    Premiums are dependent on the life assured’s age, gender, and health while payments can be made as soon as your application is approved and all policy documents have been submitted.

    Yes, as long as the insured life does not change. Also, the policy term may only be extended to a maximum of 20 years or until the life assured reaches 75 years.

    Yes, you can voluntarily increase or decrease your premiums or cover amount at any time. This can however only be done once a year.

    Accidental death cover starts on receipt of the first premium payment while Non-accidental death cover starts once the first premium payment is made except for cover below N10, 000 which is at the end of the risk waiting period.

    The policy expires once:

    • The death of a policyholder occurs and there is no beneficiary nominated.
    • You fail to pay premiums before the expiry of the risk waiting period.
    • You are unable to pay premiums at the end of the reinstatement period.
    • The policy enters the reinstatement period for the 4th time.

    If you choose a cover level lower than N10,000 at the start of the policy, no medical requirements are necessary. However, the life assured will be required to complete a medical questionnaire as part of their application process.

    Payments will not be made if:

    • You previously made a fraudulent claim to Old Mutual
    • You provided insufficient customer data requested.
    • You have not made all premium payments as per the policy terms and conditions.
    • Your claim arises from death caused by self-inflicted injury, suicide, or attempted suicide within the first 12 months of your policy start date
    • Your claim arises from sickness or injury that was diagnosed before your policy started.