Avoid losses
from fires
A small spark or power surge could lead to a fire.
Stay protected with our Fire and Special Perils Insurance.

What is Fire and Special Perils Insurance?

This policy indemnifies the insured against any material damage, loss, or destruction to the property due to a fire disaster or any other insured peril.
What's in it for you?
  • Buildings.
  • Contents – furniture, household, and office.
  • Stock-in-trade.
  • Plant and machinery.
  • Rent loss.

This insurance product covers:

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How does it work?

Apart from covering tangible materials such as buildings, furniture, household, and office items, the cover can also be extended to include the allied perils of flood, burst, leaking or overflowing water pipes, apparatus, and tanks, storm damage, riots and strikes, including malicious damage.

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Here is what you need to know about this cover:

      A basic fire policy covers damage or destruction to property by fire, lighting, or other domestic explosions.

    Yes, so long as the damage is as a result of fire and your policy covers the contents of the house.

    • Fire, lightning and limited explosions
    • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, and floods
    • Malicious damage
    • Spontaneous combustion
    • Escape of water from any tanks or water storage apparatus

    Yes, you can.

    Yes, you can make a debit standing order to make payments to our bank account.

    No, your policy is not transferable.