SME Group Life

Our SME Group Life Cover is a life assurance policy that offers life protection to the owner of an SME and their employees.

The policy ensures that where the owner of the SME or any of their employee passes on, his or her dependants or beneficiaries would collect a lump sum death-in-service benefit. This takes away the burden of spending the capital of the business on staff welfare.

In addition to the death benefit, the policy provides for options whereby Funeral Benefits, Permanent Disability, and/or Critical Illness benefits are also payable should such events affect employees.



  • The business is able to retain employees once a welfare package is in place
  • Welfare of Staff family is guaranteed in the event of loss of an employee
  • Tax advantage as benefits are not taxed in the hands of Beneficiaries
  • The business can plan its financial activities
  • Business continuity is guaranteed because benefits are paid by Insurance Companies and not from the fund of the SME
  • The Group Life Certificate enables the SME bid for viable contract which will aid its growth/development
  • This policy complies with the National Pension Commission regulation


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SME Group Life