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Old Mutual believes that SMEs are critical to the growth of the economy and businesses thrive when their investments are given the needed protection. Taking into consideration that even the physical structure where these businesses are operated from are fraught with various risks that can threaten their survival.

So, for just NGN10,000 only, you can get our Shop Protect and the needed protection for your businesses and investments.

The Old Mutual Shop Protect is a simple policy that allows shop owners protect their investments against risks such as Fire, Burglary, Theft and Personal Accidents.

It is as easy as doing your business with ease!


Benefits Option 1 Option 2 Option 3  Option 4 Option 5 
Fire NGN2,000,000 NGN5,000,000 NGN10,000,000 NGN20,000,000 NGN50,000,000
Burglary  NGN2,000,000 NGN5,000,000 NGN10,000,000 NGN20,000,000 NGN50,000,000

Personal Accident 

Accidental Death NGN20,000 Accidental Death NGN50,000 Accidental Death NGN100,000 Accidental Death NGN200,000 Accidental Death NGN500,000
Permanent Disability NGN20,000 Permanent Disability NGN50,000 Permanent Disability NGN100,000 Permanent Disability NGN200,000 Permanent Disability NGN500,000
Medical Expenses NGN10,000 Medical Expenses NGN25,000 Medical Expenses NGN50,000 Medical Expenses NGN100,000 Medical Expenses NGN250,000
Premium NGN10,000 NGN25,000 NGN50,000 NGN100,000 NGN250,000

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