Third Party Only

About Cover

The Third-Party Motor policy covers death or bodily injuries and damages to the property of a third party caused by the use of the insured car.
Cover limits

  • Property damages up to NGN 1,000,000
  • Compensation for bodily harm or death is unlimited, but can be capped at reasonable amount

Terms and Conditions

1. Persons or classes of persons entitled to drive ***

a. The policy holder
The policy holder may also drive a Private Motor Car (but not a motorcycle or commercial vehicle or other mechanically propelled vehicle) not belonging to him and not hired to him under a hire purchase agreement.

b. Any other person who is driving on the policy holder’s order or with his permission provided that the person driving is permitted in accordance with the licensing or other laws or regulations to drive the motor vehicle or has been so permitted and is not disqualified by order of a court of law or by reason of any enactment of regulation in the behalf from driving such motor vehicle.

2. Limitations as to use

a. Use only for social, domestic and pleasure purpose and for the policy holder’s business.

b. The policy does not cover user for hire or reward or for racing, pace-making reliability, trial speed testing or use for purposes in connection with motor trade

3. A failure to provide all the required KYC documentation in line with regulations, will lead to a cancellation of the policy

***Limitations rendered inoperative by the provision of the motor vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act 1945 are not to be included under this heading.

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