Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

One dishonest activity by your employee(s) can bring your organization to its knees. Why not seek cover?

This is a form of policy that protects an organization against loss of money or valuable stock as a result of dishonesty, forgery, theft or fraudulent activity of employees. The beneficiary of this policy is the insured and not a third party.

Types of cover:

It is possible to grant cover on a named, position or blanket basis.

Named Basis:

This is a situation whereby the names of those that are to be covered are listed specifically in the policy schedule together with the amount guaranteed for every one of them.

Position Basis:

This takes cognizance of the official designations of the persons covered together with specific amount guaranteed for each of the position listed.

Blanket Basis:

Under this method, the policy will cover either the listed category of workers, for example Accountant/Accounting Staff.

In any of these cases, the number of persons and the limit of guarantee in any one loss would be advised as well as the aggregate amount of guarantee in a given year.

Once we have this information, we would be able to quote for the premium payable

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