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Insure your electronics so that your business can operate
efficiently even in difficult times.

What is Electrical Electronics Insurance?

This cover provides cover for loss of or damage to computer equipment and accessories from whatever cause (except those specifically excluded).
How does it work?

This type of policy is specifically made to take care of all losses associated with the use of computers and other electronic equipment.

An electrical circuit on fire
How do I apply?

You can apply for this policy by simply requesting for a free quotation online, via email, or at any of our physical branches and our representatives will get you started with the application process.

A server room


Need assistance with your policy? Our agents will help you pick out tailor-made insurance solutions made just for you.

Here is what you need to know about Electrical Electronic Insurance:

    Yes, installments can be made in annual, biannual, or quarterly installments.

    No, your policy is not transferable.

    A renewal notice will be sent to you before the expiration of the policy.

    Your policy document will be ready 24 hours after a certificate has been issued.

    • Non-payment of premiums are considered
    • Inability to substantiate the claim