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What is Contractors All Risk Insurance?

This insurance covers loss or damage in respect of contract works, construction plant and equipment and/ or construction machinery, as well as third party claims in respect of property damage or bodily injury arising in connection with the execution of a civil engineering project.
What's in it for you?
  • Construction plant and equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Third-party claims in respect of property damage or bodily injury

Below is what we cover:

A man working on a construction site
How does it work?

We provide cover for the value of the materials and property being used on a project. However, where there is an existing property cover for the existing property is excluded and must continue to be insured under its own insurance cover.

A woman with construction protection gear standing in front of a white board


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Here is what you need to know about Contractors All Risk Insurance:
    • Floods
    • Earthquakes
    • Water damage
    • Mold
    • Construction faults
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Willful negligence or poor workmanship.

    Yes, installments can be made in annual, biannual, or quarterly installments.

    No, your policy is not transferable.

    A renewal notice will be sent to you before the expiration of the policy.

    Yes, you can.

    • Non-payment of premiums are considered
    • Inability to substantiate the claim