Your 9-step Social Media Strategy

Old Mutual supports business owners because of the important role they play in contributing to and fueling local economies.

This tool is designed to assist you in creating and managing a successful social media strategy that keeps your customers engaged and loving your brand.

As you work through the 9 steps below, take key notes on the tactics and activities you will need to implement to get the most from your social media strategy.


Make sure you have the bandwidth for a social media strategy

When we say bandwidth, we’re not talking about data here (although connectivity is essential). We’re talking about the time, effort and focus it takes to plan and manage a consistent and successful social media programme.


Who are you targeting?


What will you post about?

If you’re serious about building your social media audiences, it’s important to have a planned approach and central themes that tie your online presence together, instead of haphazard or ad hoc posting.


Create your unique voice

The key to any successful social media strategy is building a differentiated presence through authenticity and consistency.


Figure out what your audience cares about

In order for your social media strategy to be successful, you need to understand what is – and isn’t – trending and performing well online.

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a free tool that businesses use to plan their Google Adwords campaigns. However, you can access it completely for free if you have a Google account. With Google Ads Keyword Planner you can determine what is currently trending and what interests your target market with regards to your products and solutions.


Stay on trend

Your goal is to get your audience engaged – and hopefully sharing – the content you create and post.

So, how do you make sure you create content people care about? You need to know what they are already sharing that is related to your keywords. is a platform that shows you what content your target audience is sharing, based on the keywords that you’ve discovered using Google Keyword Search.


Make managing multiple social media platforms easy

Once you’ve set up your social media platforms, you’ll need to manage them. This means regularly posting to them and tracking how your posts perform.

Keeping up with multiple daily posts is difficult and time consuming though, which is where platforms like Hootsuite come in.

It’s built to manage multiple social media network channels in one application. You can use it to post updates, read responses, schedule messages and view statistics. And it isn’t just for small start-ups. Many international brands like Coca-Cola and Sony music use Hootsuite to save them time when managing their social media marketing.


Boost your posts to reach more of the right people

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all offer paid-for advertising on their platforms. You can use these cost-effective channels to boost the reach of your posts and to target specific audiences. If you use these paid-for opportunities, you can:

  • Target a niche audience
  • Leverage the demographic information available on the platform (this means choosing exactly who to target, from runners to women between the ages of 24 and 35).
  • Test different posts to see which perform better
  • Filter your target audience into different niches and share more personalised posts exclusively with each group


Protect yourself

It’s important to protect your brand image online, that’s why it’s essential to put solid policies in place for staff to follow.


Your 9-step Social Media Strategy