Don’t Let Thieves Derail Your Business

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We protect our homes and cars against theft, but do we protect our businesses? Unfortunately, theft is a real threat to your company. With these top theft-protection tips though, you can keep what you’ve got.

We hear a lot about cyberthreats and data breaches, and they’re very real, but don’t forget about plain old, traditional theft.

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean there isn’t swag lying around the office that thieves will gladly take off your hands. The problem is that a phone or laptop might just be a device – but it’s also the way you and your team stay in touch with clients and deliver your products and services.

Protecting your small or medium business from physical risks ensures you’re covered on multiple levels, all of equal importance. After all, if your firewalls are secure, but your equipment is stolen, that doesn’t do your business much good.

Get comprehensive insurance cover

  • Employee theft cover, also known as employee dishonesty insurance, ensures your business is protected against theft in the workplace. The policy doesn’t specify that the perpetrator should be identified, as long as it is evident that the theft occurred from within the company and the loss needs to be recovered.
  • In-transit cover gives you the confidence to keep doing business without worrying about your stock while it’s on the road, en-route to your business from a supplier, or from your premises to a client. Your policy will cover your stock for loss or damage fully while it’s being transported in your company’s vehicles or by a member of staff. In-transit cover can also extend to loading and unloading of stock once it has reached its destination.
  • Out-and-about or all risk insurance covers moveable possessions that you may carry outside of the office. Unlike fixed equipment, such as computers, projectors and TV screens, this policy will typically cover electronic property such as photographic equipment. If you’re carrying it to and from work every day, it’s considered eligible for cover.

Don’t take your security lightly

So, what can you do? For starters, limit access to your business and keep all devices and personal and business items safe.

Getting into large corporate office buildings requires a driver’s license, birth certificate and DNA test, but most small businesses leave their doors open to anyone walking past.

Simple security measures requiring people to be buzzed in, access cards and cameras are a good start to keeping your employees – and your stuff – secure.

Don’t Let Thieves Derail Your Business